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Summer Fitness and Personal Safety Camp

07/17/2017 03:30 PM

@ CrossFit O.U.R
13648 S 200 W

Summer Fitness and Personal Safety Camp

We are excited to inroduce our Summer Fitness and Personal Safety Camp for this year. It will be held July 17th-20th 3:30-5:30 and is for ages 8-13 and will be $40 and includes a shirt!! Please share with your freinds!


1. To bring back everyday functional fitness to kids lives through the 10 general fitness skills using a combination of skill, practice, workouts and games to build strength and conditioning.
2. Emphasize every child's right to live free of abuse by:
• Promoting healthy social relationships,
• Nurturing mutual kindness and respect
• Setting personal and digital boundaries
• Teaching age-appropriate prevention strategies
• Identifying trusted adults and
• Upholding a zero tolerance environment in which harassment & abuse are openly discussed and disclosed.

REGISTER AT: http://www.crossfitour.com/events

10 General Physical Fitness Skills:
1.Cardiovascular Endurance – Can you get enough oxygen to your body?
2.Stamina – Can you get enough energy to your muscles?
3.Strength – How much can you lift?
4.Flexibility – Can you touch your toes?
5.Power – How much work can you do in the least amount of time?
6.Speed – How fast can you go?
7.Coordination – Can you pat your head and rub your stomach?
8.Accuracy – Can you kick a soccer ball into the net?
9.Agility – How quickly can you change direction?
10.Balance – Can you stand on one foot? With your eyes shut?

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