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Fiction Art Studios

4999 Woodacre Rd
West Jordan,  UT 84081

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Fiction Art Studios

Welcome to Fiction Art Studios! My name is Shanna and I run a local art studio in West Jordan that offers art classes for kids to help them learn how to tell their own story and publish their dreams with the use of many different mediums.

"Every child is an artist" - Pablo Picasso

We operate on a pay-per-class schedule so that I can tailor the length, price, and age level according to each project. I post about each class and its details on this page. Information on the next class available should always be pinned to the top of my feed so that it is easy to find. If you are interested in signing up for a class, just comment on the post or send me a message so I can respond with all the details!

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions and I'd love it if you shared my page with your friends! Thank you!

We are a local art studio set up to teach art classes for children and help them learn to tell their own story through many creative mediums!

We are located in West Jordan, UT approximately 5000 west and 7500 south

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