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I Am Vísi

2435 W 450 S Suite 201
Pleasant Grove,  UT 84062

Phone: (855) 426-8474

I Am Vísi

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During the period of dramatic Viking expansion, the Norsemen of Scandinavia travelled in long ships to unknown territories. These rigorous, overseas expeditions demanded strong, bold, intrepid, fearless, and adventurous conquerors. Always in search of new opportunity, the leader of these daring quests was differentiated from the others with a title of great honor – Vísi.

Following the tradition of leadership and excellence of the Vikings, Vísi offers you a unique path of personal triumph. Step by step, you will be able to develop leadership skills, seek out new opportunities for growth and expansion, and serve others. You will become Visi. Then, as you help others become Vísi themselves, you will maximize your potential and literally change lives. Additionally, Vísi will help you reach your true potential by providing you multiple ways to enhance your life. Through Life-Changing Leadership, Life-Changing Products and Life-Changing Opportunity, you can become Vísi.

Intense, concentrated, and filled with extremes in light, power, and sun, the Scandinavian Summer infuses the region’s native plants with an unmatched potency of Nature’s goodness. After having spent many months in harsh conditions and frigid temperatures, these plants - particularly the Arctic Cloudberry, Lingonberry, Vikingberry, and others - soak up the Nordic energy and sun with mystical speed. The extremes in temperature, climate, and season endow these berries and plants with far more nutritional potency than most others found on the planet.

Following the tradition of leadership and excellence of the Vikings, Vísi (pronounced Vee-Sigh) offers you a unique path of personal triumph.

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    04:00 PM - 07/17/2017

    At I Am Vísi

    Imagine yourself... looking over the deck of a cruise ship where the blue of the sea matches the blue of the sky. Start earning today and let’s get jammin’! Here's...

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